Sales Associate Cover Letter (examples & tips)

Here is how you can write your sales associate cover letter and sell it to your future employer.

Do you have any experience to show? Whether yes or no, a good cover letter can make undeniably strong promises on your behalf.

Plan to write about 150-200 words only unless you have a great story to tell.

Most employers move on to see your resume if you make no silly mistakes and talk to the point and manage to cover important aspects of the job while talking about your past experiences.

But to get an employer more excited about your application so as to get into their to-be interviewed pile of applications you need to be creative and understanding of the likes of the employer.

If you have made a good number of sales through your approach to dealing with a customer or client you should include that. Sound like the employer’s job description and infuse similar passion in your cover letter.

Below are some examples of sales associate cover letters that speak to the recruiters.

Cover Letter for Sales Associate

Dear Molisa,

I read the job posting for Sales Associate requirement at Etology on ZipRecruiter and I’m nothing less than fascinated by the thought of being a representative for offering Etology’s premium traffic and ad media. My previous experience adds valuable industry-based knowledge in the area of custom advertisement sales for retail and software sectors. 

In my current job, I have been assisting my seniors in field sales and complete follow-up until the sales are closed. I also bear the responsibility of up-selling once the client is on board and keeping track of all clients that are due for renewal of their contract with us. Every now and then I steal opportunities to visit a lost client and try to revive the relationship while preparing myself to take up the responsibility of closing the deals single-handedly. So far, I have been successful 10% of the time bringing in a revenue of $475,000 last year for which I have been awarded a letter of appreciation.

I see Etology as an opportunity to exercise greater responsibilities with a wider range of services and therefore gaining more insights into the advertising business. Given an opportunity, I would like to put my skills to use for closing accounts of both publishers and advertisers and participate in growing the business manyfold.

My resume is attached to this email. Please contact me on phone for more information or alternatively, I shall get in touch with you within the next 3 days to see if you had a chance to look at my resume.

Thank you for your consideration!

John Trevor

Cover Letter for Retail Sales Associate

Dear James,

This is to apply for the vacancy of Retail Sales Associate posted in the New-York Tribune this Thursday. I have been working for a sports brand as a Sales Associate for over 3 years now and I love to find people what they are looking for. The store that I work for is shifting office to California and I would like to stay here in New York and continue serving the vibrant community of New York.

It comes naturally to me to show customers what they might like based on their current selection of clothing and accessories and enjoy the process of how a customer is only slightly interested in other items when they enter the store and how I change that to them not wanting to give up on merchandise they didn’t come to shop. The conversations in this regard are almost always different but I know what it should lead to and I feel proud to say that I make it happen 90% of the time. It is not by chance, but rather due to my interest in the fashion and sports wearables industry that I’m able to convince my customers. 

I would appreciate an opportunity to do so for the vast range of merchandise in the epsilon mall. Please feel free to contact me at any time to schedule an interview appointment. And since I’m taking a course in ethnic dressing on weekends, I will be available to work only during the weekdays for the next 3 months. 

Thanks for taking the time to review my application.

Betty Huffman

Sales Associate Cover Letter No Experience- Retail

Dear Mr. Charles,

I’m applying for the position of Sales Associate at your Westfield Bloomingdale’s store. I have been a fashion enthusiast since I can remember- from dressing up for a sleepover at friends or helping my mom select her accessories for the different parties she attended to my own proms and college events or for a friend who is up for a special date. I reveled in making them look their best every time and always wanted to be in the fashion industry to do more of it.

My experiences are from my daily life encounters with the events that call for a complete makeover or just dressing up to the occasion which makes me suitable to help people find their everyday and special occasion looks. Additionally, I have also been an assistant to a costume designer for theatre shows in the city and have planned and prepared dresses for people of various ages, ethnicity, and style. But I like the feeling of dressing people up for real occasions rather than the staged ones and therefore I want to be a part of the retail sector of the fashion industry.

With an opportunity to work with Bloomingdale’s I can see myself earning through doing what I do best. To reach me please call my phone or drop me an email mentioned on my attached resume. I’m available for an interview throughout the week at your convenience. 

Thanks for reviewing my application.

Maria Blackmore 

Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample- Real Estate

Dear Cindi,

I found the vacancy for New Home Sales Associate for Frontier Communities on I have experience showing houses to customers for 3 years now and an opportunity to sell for a large real estate builder sounds just what I want to do next. 

I have recently started making videos of the houses to make it available to my clients so they can take a look before they meet me for a personal tour. The approach I take when meeting the needs of my customer is always entirely in their benefit; however, I do reap benefits in the long term in terms of reliability and customer’s trust in me which spreads through word of mouth. I make a sale with almost every customer who is sure to buy by precisely meeting the requirements of their desired residence which are only restricted by the availability of such houses to me; all the more reason for me to work with a builder group with a diversity of residential designs and sizes so I can meet my true potential.

With my customer-centric approach to selling and the vast collection of ultra-modern luxurious mansions, town-houses, apartments, and family homes, I shall be able to sell in large numbers as well as maintain and grow the company’s reputation. 

I would like an opportunity to discuss the position in person and move forward to begin the journey of selling dreams. Contact me on my phone anytime to speak with me and set-up an appointment. Thanks for your time in assessing my application.

Jonnus Crampton  

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