Generic Cover Letter Samples (with 4+ examples and tips)

It is always best to write specified cover letters to get the employer’s attention.

But then, there are ways in which you can write a generic cover letter for most jobs you want to apply for, and yet get calls from those employers.

These cover letters eliminate the praise for, or mention of any projects of the employer, and focuses solely on your abilities and experiences that can be transferred to the job, the employer is hiring for.

Your best bet is to be selective while deciding what jobs you’ll apply to. 

Select only those that match your qualifications and work experience and then create a role-specific cover letter to send to all of these employers.

Write about 150-200 words email for your cover letter and not more.

Truth is, in most cases (and by most we mean 99%) your cover letter is read by the human resource personnel who isn’t into the challenges of the project you’re being hired for. 

Therefore, they do not need you to mention the project name or how you’ll solve specific project challenges. They rather know what they are looking for in a candidate to hire into a department, than what internal challenges of the project might be.

And, once the HR has shortlisted your profile, you already have a green signal which all other reviewers who your application goes to, will instinctively always welcome.

Plus, from here onwards, reviewers are majorly interested in your resume and less so in your cover letter. 

The cover letter has done its job at this time. It’s your resume that has to shine from this moment on.

So, don’t worry and apply with a really good role-focused cover letter.

Your cover letter is more about your communication and presentation skills first and thereafter about the main work-related information. 

Few cover letters give away the personality and work ethics of the applicant, but those that do, are the ones that win a job.

Below are some examples of generic cover letters, which you can turn into yours, by adding your experience and modifying the writing style to make it sound like you.

Generic Cover Letter Samples

Generic Cover Letter Sample – Design

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have graduated from the University of Florida as a Bachelor of Design Architecture in September 2019. However, being a design enthusiast since my teen-age, I have a solid work experience of 8 years working individually building websites and game apps.

I began using design themes on websites and e-commerce sites at the age of 14. This led to my interest in understanding how programming and designing co-created beautiful, user-friendly and responsive websites. I wanted to create beautiful designs; however, I could not bring life into them without backing them up with codes. I, therefore, learned HTML, CSS, C+ in the next 6 months and was able to create websites and their designs and functionality all by myself. 

I started to put my skills to use and created websites and listed them for sale. Here is a link to all the websites that I created including those that got sold []. I still work to customize and provide support to these buyers (my clients). Some of my clients are software companies that have grown 20 times in size since they bought the site. With these clients, I could involve in more complex website design and structures and continue to learn and improvise on my design skills.

I’m currently designing a shooting game part-time, followed by my internship with the Game Engineers at Sterling Langley. I have completed 60% of the designs and have picked up on its development using Unity 3D. In the past, I have also created 2D games of the likes of Mario and Speed Racer which are available for download on Google Play and App Store. The games have received 70k and 95k downloads respectively in 12 months.

I’m seeking a full-time Game Designer job at Rockstar. My current gaming experience is in-line with the Red Dead Redemption-2 further development. I would love to be a part of developing something so well recognized and contribute to its next release.

Thanks for reviewing my application, I hope to hear from you soon to get an appointment for the interview.

Max Perez

Generic Cover Letter Sample – Marketing 

Dear Margot,

I’m writing to apply for the Marketing Assistant position advertised on I currently work as a Marketing Assistant at Perkins & Will and execute parts of long term strategies formulated by the management and my department head.

I work individually as well as in the capacity of an instructor to the 3 interns and coordinator between the interns, my subordinates and the Marketing Manager. I spend at least 60% of my time working on writing new content, preparing the content calendar, using Ahrefs to carry out keyword research and finding the ones that should go on our site and performing content research. The remainder of my time goes into conversing and elucidating marketing and content guidelines to interns and detailing on the content calendar to the team. I coordinate with all to begin the tasks each week and see through the completion of the tasks assigned as well as assist everyone wherever required. 

While my expertise lies in content creation, I have exercised quite thoroughly as a manager without a title and have enjoyed every part of it since it lets me own the job and be answerable for the team. I also see my position as one where I get to learn a lot through taking responsibility for team results and bringing in information to help my team execute better.

My profile is well suited for management and well as the task-execution role of a Marketing Assistant and I hope to be a part of your team. I shall follow-up within the next 3 days to set-up an appointment to meet you and discuss further how I can be of assistance to Perkins & Will’s growing marketing team.

Rick Gordon

Generic Cover Letter Sample – Test Engineer

Hello Ramon,

This is to apply for the position of Test Engineer at Sofotech Inc. which I found advertised on Craigslist. With 4years of experience in testing and working closely with the development team, I bring expert-level skills in manual exploratory testing of web and mobile applications coupled with writing code for automated test scenarios.

I have released 35 bug-free applications including 2 large applications that have 1million+ user base and an enterprise solution application that serves over 200 clients of the capacity of 200+ users each. Due to such diverse experience, I’m currently only being assigned to enterprise-grade applications or large investment clients. I have received more than 15 appreciation letters from clients for support work and 7 awards from within my company for releasing these 100% bug-free applications.

I have made use of both Manual and automated testing. I usually work individually on my projects from preparing a test plan to executing integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing and running automated test codes of each test plan I created. I essentially write my automation codes myself and on larger projects, I work with a small team to help execute all the codes to testing both manual and automated.

I seek more challenging opportunities where I get to test and examine a diverse pool of applications and enrich my experience and hunger for unique and new. With the variety of projects, Sofotech has in its clientele, and the uniqueness I bring from my testing experience shall prove to be a great match. 

I look forward to meeting you soon and discussing how I can contribute the best to your organization.

Thanks for taking the time to review my application.

John Fregoso

Generic Cover Letter Sample – Operations/ Administrator

Dear Magdellon,

This is to enquire if you have an open position for an Operations/Administration staff at your firm. I have 3 years of experience in a range of administrative and operational tasks through my administrative role at a marketing agency. 

I’m good at taking and returning calls and passing on relevant information from my personal records of most general inquiries made during the day. The callers range from being interviewees to clients, client representatives, travel agents, and hotels. I book slots for meeting with clients and my CEO or other Marketing Executives keeping a record of all meetings and appointments a week in advance. In my free time, I buy/order gifts and awards for annual and performance appraisal days and general-purpose stationery items while keeping the spending in the budget as allotted for these purchases.

In my free time, I have worked to hone my business communication skills- both written and verbal at the expense of my employer to be able to help my CEO with returning his emails. For the past 6 months, I have been writing to clients and replying to their inquiries on behalf of my CEO, allowing him more time to focus on his business presentations and the growth of the clientele and the overall business in turn. 

My employer is shifting the office to another country and I, therefore, need another job. If you have an open position where my skills can be utilized to help your staff and business grow, please feel free to get in touch with me. I’m open to taking calls for an initial interview anytime. My phone and mail id is mentioned on the resume. 

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Diana Madrid

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