10+ Samples For How To End/Close A Cover Letter?

Closing any letter requires a statement that concludes the letter, talks about the next steps and says goodbye and sometimes also makes a promise for future meetings or message exchanges.

You should ideally include all 3 things to close your cover letter:

  • Conclusion
  • Next steps, call me
  • Thanks and/or sincerely

When writing a cover letter, your conclusion is simple. Everything you have written in your letter boils down to- I’m a good candidate for your company, so hire me. 

You can put this down in 100 different ways including the next steps and final close.

Below are some examples of how you can end your job-winning cover letter.

10 Examples of Closing a Cover Letter

Engineering Cover Letter Closing

My experiences and achievements are complimentary of the Sr. Engineer job requirement, and I would welcome the opportunity to bring it to good use for Softech. You can reach me on 9898989898 anytime for an initial screening and to fix an appointment.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.

John Thomas


Sales Cover Letter Closing

Hoping to hear from you soon to discuss how I can contribute to rising Sun System’s annual sales with my proven track record of boosting revenue from channel sales for my previous employers. For more information I can be reached on 7676767676 or my email mentioned in the attached resume. 

I appreciate your time and consideration, thank you!

George Sympson

Marketing Cover Letter Closing

I would love to meet you in person to discuss some of the ideas and strategies I have developed for the upcoming product launch of RoboSilk, generation-1. You can reach me through my mail id or phone anytime to set up an interview appointment. Alternatively, I’ll follow-up in the next three days to get an appointment.

Robert Jeanfield

Design Engineering Cover Letter Closing

I’m eager to work alongside the best known Design team of the gaming world and push the creative edge higher up. I look forward to meeting you for an interview where we can discuss more on how I can contribute to the team. Please expect my call in the next 5 days to get an appointment. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!

James Stratforth

Nursing Cover Letter Closing

I look forward to serving the Paediatric Department at Mayo Clinic. I’m available for an initial screening over the phone (9898989898) at any time. I shall call back after 3 days to know the status of my application and get an appointment for the interview.

Thank you for considering my application!

Clarence Kelsey

Software Engineering Cover Letter Closing

My internship and freelance experiences will make me productive since day-1 on the job. Expecting to hear from you soon. I’m available for an interview anytime on the weekdays. During the weekends I attend design classes 9am to 4pm. I shall follow-up in a week to know the status of my application or see if you need more information.

Thanks for your time and consideration of my application!

Tim J. Kelsey

Project/Delivery Manager Cover Letter Closing

My experience with the management, business teams, engineers and clients as a Project Manager shall be fruitful in serving as a Delivery Manager for your SAAS based projects. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you in-person to learn more about your product and share how I can contribute to make your delivery process seamless.

Feel free to reach me on 9898989898 to set up an interview or gather more information. I’m also available for an initial telephonic or skype interview if required.

Thank you!

Roger K. Simon

Process Engineering Cover Letter Closing

I’m eager to begin my career as a process Engineer at Worley. My prior internship and understanding of safety protocols will give me a headstart to be productive since the start. Hoping to hear from you soon. I shall reach you by phone after a week to get an appointment for my interview. 

Thanks for taking the time to review my application!

Jason Schreier

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Closing

Hoping to hear from you soon to discuss further on how I can contribute as an Assistant to the Sales Director at Wills Pharmaceuticals. Please reach me on 1122334455 to set up an appointment for my interview or write to me via email. 

Thank you for putting in your time to assess my application.

Mary Sanmiguel

Language Trainer Cover Letter Closing

With my linguistic skills and pedagogical approach to language training, I shall be able to help you shorten training sessions and raise your overall student enrollment and profits. Seeking an appointment with you to discuss how I have increased enrollment in the past and the possibility of a full-time employment as a Language Trainer at your facility.

Paul V. Rice

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